Tuesday, March 2, 2010

disney world has a strange water front

I dreamed that I went to Disney world with my friend and a woman who could have been my mom but I am not sure. While at Disney world, we took this strange water front tour and saw all these amazing houses that were huge, and the woman that was with us suddenly remembered how she had been there before and told me how I had been here before as well. I looked at the houses again and realized they did seam familiar as though i had taken this tour once before.
     The woman told me about how one of the houses used to be on the other side of the road we were on. I turned and saw the most amazing view I had ever seen. There were these gigantic futuristic houses that looked like technological spikes tearing through the ground of a mountain. Back on the other side there were these amazing old houses that I must have been in before because I knew who lived there.
      At the end we ended up in this huge technological court yard that was a bunch of circles and spikes. As I continued to walk, the place turned into a store. I told my friend I would be right out. I looked around in the store and they had a lot of stuff, but it was useless junk like batteries and games that I already had, and other game accessories that I had no use for. As I was looking around, this guy came up to me and told me that he would be waiting on this ride that I had waned to go on next, but he creeped me out so I walked very fast back to my friend.
     We eventually ended up at this one ride that was asking for 2 people and we were two people so I quickly got us to the front of the line. the poster of the ride was for a purple version of that thing from the movie Kabluey. The entire ride consisted of a walk around tour of his house and watching people eat food as the tour guide told us about how much the thing loves food. Also, while we waited for the ride to start there were some arcade games, but before I could actually play it, the tour started. The ride ended with us watching a movie about the character which I walked out of and woke up after I left the theater.

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