Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The rules of the wrapper

     I dreamed that I went to my friend's house and we were playing video games and that I fell asleep there, when I woke up I still had the controller in my hand but there were some aliens or people getting things out of green and red boxes, or at least the panels to open the boxes had green on them if they were unlocked, or red if they were locked. One of the things went up to the box and pressed the panel to open it. another one took out a key, swiped it by the red panel, and then swallowed the key. The first alien/person looked at the one that had swallowed the key and said, "you know, you don't have to swallow the key."
     After they were done, I got out of the chair I was sitting in and looked at the boxes. There were stacks of them sitting on a wooden pallet. I figured that they were rations or something. After this, two people who looked like high school students said they were going to school. I told them I had my motorcycle and could give them a ride if they needed it. It was sunny and a nice temperature outside, a good day to ride the motorcycle.
     I was walking outside when my friend's dad appeared right in front of me. He looked like crap and told me he had a headache. I told him that I was sorry and I knew he was a light sleeper, but I had fallen asleep early that night so I was probably not to blame. I kept walking towards my motorcycle.
     As I rode off down the hill I saw something that made me turn around and ride back towards my friends house. When I got to it, it looked normal until I got up to it, and it turned out to be something that looked like what I wanted from the front, but when I got closer it was something that I didn't even want to be near.
     I went back to my motorcycle and saw my friend's dad sitting on the porch with his son, who was my friends younger step/half brother. I walked up to the porch and asked my friend's dad to set up some ground rules for hanging out at their house. While he told me, some workers came up and removed the porch from their house, and it created one of those types of scenes where the background moves far away and the foreground got really close up as he told me the rules of the wrapper.
     When I got to school I had a hamburger, as I unwrapped it I recited the rules of the wrapper.

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